Building efficiency assessment

Identify inefficiency issues of your property, such as heat leakage and moisture accumulation, and check the condition of ventilation, pipelines, and other systems in order to ensure a safe, efficient, and healthy environment for you.

Thermal imaging is a recording of the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by physical bodies at a distance. The thermal imaging is needed to identify cold bridges, areas that are being impacted or already damaged by condensate, places of moisture accumulation, dew point zones, poorly insulated and uninsulated parts of the building, how the design of ventilation openings impacts the building, the quality of insulation works, the most dangerous places of heat loss that can already damage the building’s structures, the quality of window, doors, roof heating.

The diagnostics of pipelines and ducts includes their internal examination by taking photos or video with the help of a probe camera. This method allows to assess the quality of the pipeline installation and the degree of their wear, as well as to check the condition of joints and the nature of their defects.

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